Bridget Leach

Bridget Leach

Bridget Leach is a consulting professional who has been operating in the world of neuroscience, evidence-based brain training for the last 14 years.

Throughout her time in the neurosciences, Bridget has partnered and collaborated with psychologists, educators, speech pathologists, school counsellors, healthcare providers, and parents throughout Australia and New Zealand to help assist students acquire the skills they need (or want) to reach specific outcomes by improving their brain processing abilities via evidenced-based brain exercises.

Bridget has worked with over 300 schools in Australia and New Zealand in assisting the development of their literacy curriculum to include neuroscience brain training programs.  The school programs included students with learning/reading difficulties, school-wide literacy development, middle school grammar brain boosters, and English language learners.

Once working with the young, developing brain of children/teens, there was a natural progression into the adult world needing a boost of brain power.   So, whether you are 5, 50, or 105 years old, the brain requires NEW learning to be a better performing machine.

Bridget remains motivated and passionate more than ever to bring the world of neuroscience to the world of practicality whether it be to build the language centres of the younger developing brain or to improving the cognitive processing abilities of the adult brain.

Understand what the brain loves and needs to be a happy, healthy brain.

FitBrain™ follows the methodology/products of the experts and pioneers of neuroscience, evidence-based brain training of Dr. Michael Merzenich and Dr. Paula Tallal.