The benefit of forming new brain connections through intensive learning apply to adults of all ages, aspirations, and challenges.  But remember the brain only changes when it is engaged and challenged.

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Brain Booster

For those wanting to boost their current mental sharpness before returning ‘back to school’, ‘return-to-work’, post-pregnancy fogginess, Corporate Wellness, or JUST BECAUSE you want to boost your current brain performance to a next level.  Try a 6-week Brain Aerobics session.

recovering brain

The Brain in Recovery

For those wanting help to combat the effects on the brain caused by health-related cognitive decline due to illness, stress, medication/drugs, brain injury, stroke, chemo brain, fog brain and more.  Better Brain Performance – Better Life.

rejuvenating brain

Rejuvenating the Brain – Over 50’s

For those wanting to reclaim their youthful brain power. Cognitive decline is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can be rejuvenated with relevant brain training. The fastest way to lose your demise is to stop your brain being challenged.  Boost your performance of the reception from your sensory world (visual and auditory) with the speed at which your brain processes it.

How does brain plasticity impact dementia and Alzheimer’s?

A little bit about brain training

For those wanting to know a little bit more about brain training.– does brain training really work, what exactly is brain training, what should you look for in a brain training program?  Click here.