Our language development starts at birth and is the basis for our reading, learning, and critical thinking.  The brain architecture for language development is hierarchical so each step in its foundation depends on and builds upon the previous one.  Language development is natural (we are genetically programmed to provide the first steps of this language development), but reading IS NOT innate.  The human brain is not born with the insight to make sound-to-letter connections.

Mastering our native language at natural language speed is one of the fastest and most challenging cognitive tasks the young brain needs to accomplish. If the child’s cognitive skills are weak somewhere along the line they will fall behind in school.

Fact #1: Weak cognitive skills, primarily a phonological awareness deficit, cause over 85% of reading & learning difficulties.

Fact #2: Our cognitive skills respond to exercise, just like muscles.

For most students, strengthening cognitive skills is the fastest and most reliable way to impact reading and learning difficulties.

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