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Comments from our Adult Brain Exercisers

Chris (Over 50's Adult)


As a person who has been doing brain training for a few years, this is what I have noticed:  (1) When I stop doing the training, I’m not as sharp mentally OR physically; (2) When I train regularly my entire day/week/month is a pleasure because I’m “ahead of the curve”; (3) Ambient sound (e.g, in a restaurant) does not distract me as before, nor does it result in not hearing what the person opposite is saying.

All up, I get more out of life.

Bradley (Adult)

Dee Why

To be honest I thought I was going to be okay without my brain training (being in an okay head space at the time) but as the weeks have gone by, I have found  my head space and brain isn’t doing as well.  I want the chance to participate in my brain training again, please!  I really need it.  It had to come to this point for me to realise how much I actually enjoyed it and what it was doing for me long term and short term.  THANKKKKYOUUUUU!  😁



After the 3rd week down of brain training, I am feeling awesome and now enjoying my new activities that have been assigned.  Each and every day I am feeling more aware and alert with myself and feel my conversations are running smoother.  I have not had any frustrations this week with my training — maybe just a little bit of anxiousness because I want to always get everything right but I am OK with this also.

Steven (Young Adult)


I recently received the following note from the mother of a young man who experienced a significant brain injury from an accident several years ago.  Steven was and still is diligently working towards recovery from this injury.  I was very pleased to receive Chapter 30 from his book.  

She writes, “Steve is currently writing his memories of his accident and what he’s been doing/how he’s progressing.  I have attached a copy ‘n’ paste of what Steve has written for the book about his experience with you and the program.”

Chapter 30 – The Brain Training (by Steven)

We then met this lovely lady, Bridget, who set up this program on my laptop called Fast For Word, which I loved, as it was a stimulating challenge. This helped to rewire some of the Neurons that I had lost, by working on my cognitive skills, memory and attention. It actually did more for my vision, because I never lost my cognition and my memory was obviously still very good.



It is definitely a great help getting to see how far I have progressed with my performance results as well as feeling the difference.  When I see what I can do now versus when I started, it is  both scary and exciting — scary to know where I was and exciting because of where I am now!!!



It is challenging some days after work but I feel great when I’ve completed my brain training for the day.



Thank you, for letting me know how it works – I understand what is happening now.  It has been a bit frustrating some days when I haven’t fully been listening and I get it wrong! Arhh!  Obviously, some days are much harder than others but that’s to be expected. Also, I just want to thank you for all your help and support with all of this, I really do appreciate it.



I most definitely have noticed a huge difference and so has my family.  Always love the information that you send through.

Comments from Parents of the Young and Developing Child

Gill (Parent)


A teacher’s comment to parent :  Samuel should be commended for his enthusiastic approach to learning and the excellent effort he puts into all aspects of school . . . . very different to the boy I first met.  It is wonderful he now has the confidence to know he can LEARN and embrace it instead of shutting down as before.

Katherine (Parent)


Joshua’s teacher reached out to me and asked how the FitBrain was going as she tested his reading level again and he improved 1 year in a few months. In Term 1/2 he was reading at 8 years 2 months level and now 9 years 2 months. I feel he maybe even higher than this as he doesn’t always do well on tests but regardless that’s a huge improvement. She also said he’s more attentive and engaged this term. Amazing!

Jimmy (Year 7 student)

Braemar VIC

This program has helps me in Maths and other subjects I have trouble with.  I feel it has helped with my reading a lot and my understanding of things during and after classes.  I can sound out words heaps better and I think if I do it a bit longer, I will get where I’m meant to be in class work.

Judy (Parent)

Terrey Hills

Thanks again so much for your endless incredible support for my boys, Bridget.  We would be struggling through school if I didn’t find you, your’re 1 in a few 100 million.  Much Gratitude.

Stephanie (Year 7 student)

Botany NSW

I have found my concentration and my understanding of people is better.  I can concentrate on listening easier, instead of my mind wandering off.

Tessa (Parent)

Newport, NSW

From the School Diary

Parent Comment:  FYI, Bobby has begun a new level of Fast4word so is spending more time each day on it and although he’s doing very well and is making awesome progress, he’s finding it very challenging.

Teacher Comment:  Good to hear.  Just letting you know all his hard work is paying dividends at school.

Amanda (Parent)

Elanora Heights

A parent upon receiving 2018 NAPLAN results – Yr 3 & Yr 5 students

Thank you,

We wouldn’t be here in this position of Amazement and ease of learning if it weren’t for you in every way Bridget.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Still lots to do I’m sure, but what a sweet day to read these. The boys seemed really surprised to see what they achieved.

Comments from Educators


VIC Secondary School

It has been a pleasure to have your continued support and patience over so many years.

Your help and support have meant a great deal to me on a personal level and I thank you most sincerely for all you have done to help me and all of our students over the years.  Many thanks over and over again.


NSW Primary

Thanks for all your assistance with our program this year.  I am thrilled with the results as you may expect when you look at the starting point of each of these students.  Most of them were reading at grade 1 or 2 level at the beginning of last year.  I thought you would like to see our results:

Of the 24 Year 4 students (who were well below age appropriate in reading) that completed the program, 17 of them sat the Year 5 NAPLAN:

  • 10 achieved greater than expected growth
  • 10 went up 2 bands
  • 5 reached at or above the 75th percentile
  • Six went up 1 Band
  • 1 stayed in Band 3

We are looking forward to this year’s results being better yet.

Tiffany (Educator)

Early Intervention, NSW Primary

Thank you for your ongoing support and knowledge throughout our journey with our Learning Support program. You have been amazing at always addressing our queries and resolving our issues. We will definitely keep you updated with our students’ great results!


VIC Primary

I want to thank you for all your assistance over the past four years. Your experience and knowledge gave us the information and confidence to facilitate this program to its full potential.  I am confident that our team which includes you has changed the lives of the young people we have worked with on the program.


VIC Primary

I greatly appreciate all the support and guidance you have provided me over the last 10 or so years.  The program has been of great benefit to many students at our school over the years.  Our combined programs have produced some improved language levels for the students on our Student Support Program.

Danny (Educator)

Principal VIC

You have been fantastic to work with over the last 3 years and I want to make sure my words capture this sentiment.  We continue to see great results and growth for our students who have been on the program, particularly those a year or two down the track.

Thank you for assisting us to develop our Learning Support program.


Individual Programs Department Head, VIC

It is so reassuring to having you there throughout our journey at XXX Grammar. It was wonderful to learn from you and I am grateful for your continual guidance.   You are an inspirational person.


Learning Support Specialist, NSW Primary School

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you as you have always been helpful and accommodating even to our sometimes “un-accommodating” requests.


VIC Secondary

I am very excited for you but I cannot hide a little selfishness and my feelings of sadness at losing your wonderful support and care. It has been invaluable learning from you. Sometimes people make a significant difference without even being aware of it and it has been reassuring to know you were only a phone call away.  I know that this will continue with others but sometimes it’s all in the voice that we hear at the end of the line.

Thank you, Bridget, it has been a real pleasure to know and work with you.

Fortunate will be those who will have your talents and guidance in the future.


VIC Primary

Thank you most sincerely for all your advice and actions over the past 5 plus years.


Learning Enhancement VIC Secondary

It has been very professionally rewarding working with you and I wish you all the best as you expand into the neuroscience world of the adult brain, I am very interested in this new adventure.


NSW Primary Campus

I have so enjoyed working with you over the last few years.  You have helped me understand the program so much more and use it more efficiently.  I am most appreciative of how available you have always been to answer the many questions I have had!  From a selfish point of view I am sad we won’t be working together next year.

Joseph (Educator)

Principal, NZ College

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­You have been an invaluable contributor to our Learning Support Program.  Our results have been so successful.