Brain Booster

BRAIN BOOSTER/Brain Aerobics

We all know that to keep our physical body healthy, exercise is important.  It is the same concept with the brain.  The Brain Booster is for those wanting to boost their current brain performance and mental sharpness to another level. It is an on-line, computer-based program that you can do privately in the comfort of your home once your program is set up for you.  You will have measurement tools to keep track of your performance in addition to ‘feeling’ the impact for yourself.

Push your brain processing speed to a higher level of efficiency . . . no matter where you are currently performing.

Mental sharpness has to do with how regions of the brain are linked together in circuits rather than how well the individual parts work, but the strength and/or weakness of the individual parts do impact the overall brain network performance.

Check out the skills of the professional table tennis athlete. This video with Todd Sampson (shown on ABC-TV in Todd Sampson’s 3-part documentary Redesign My Brain) illustrates how increasing the cognitive skills of visual processing and visual-spatial skills impact success in this sport.  The quicker your brain processes a ping pong ball flying towards you, the quicker you can move to return it.  Improving these types of visual processing skills can be accomplished with specific brain training exercises.


While most of us do not need to hone our skills to this degree, a boost to our current cognitive skill efficiency is beneficial.

Brain Aerobics program

The 6-week Brain Aerobics program is structured for those wanting a

short, intense training program

in order to push themselves to higher efficiency levels more quickly.

Would you like to try a Brain Booster program or the 6-week Brain Aerobics program?  Start a discussion with FitBrain™ today.